Angie Louise

(Vocals, songs, keys)

Likes: Moss, cedar, honey, Japanese gardens, hot tubs, food cooked in booze, being entertained by squirrels, pugs on the street in sweaters, the perfect party

Dislikes: Big-box stores, lazy vocabularies

Childhood dream:  To cheat death and live forever

Mortifying experience(s): Seamlessly repeating my mistakes 

Guilty pleasure(s): Feral addiction to dark chocolate, Vivace espresso, “So You Think You Can Dance”, and the New Yorker

Role model(s):  Nina Hagen, Studs Terkel

Zodiac sign:  Pisces, with anxiety rising

Best feature:  Mad scientist

Worst feature: Petty bureaucrat

Formative or favorite art: Jim Woodring’s world of Frank, Cirque du Soleil “O” show, Spike Jones concert footage, Kurosawa, Fassbinder, Dostoevsky, Funkadelic, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Giulietta Masina, one-of-a-kind movie musicals (Singin’ In The Rain, Forbidden Zone, Meet the Feebles, 5000 Fingers of Dr. T), old Rocky and Bullwinkle episodes

Recent discovery about yourself:  The characters in “The Wire”, “The Office”, and “I Claudius” are not actually my friends

What it means to you to be a Love Market: Entering the world of my dreams