Welcome to the world of The Love Markets, where pulp heroines stalk the shadowed streets in search of love and revolution. Tangos hiss, waltzes swirl, and dreams bloom against all odds in the darkest of rooms. Led by songwriter Angie Louise and inspired by the artists of 1920s Berlin, The Love Markets inject high-stakes edge and decadence into their modern mashup of bordello brass, political bite, sinuous rhythm and funky bass, luring you down alleys and into speakeasies brimming with subversion.

The Love Markets' 2013 debut release WORLD OF YOUR DREAMS invited listeners to enter a secret dive where outcasts could lift a glass in cheer, free from society's pressure to conform. 2016's BEAUTY FACTORY raised the stakes with a craftily cajoling title track that chugs along like an assembly line and whispers in our ear like a devil of advertising, promising to purge all our imperfections so we can "fit in": "Step up, miss! Here in the factory, the gates are always open...Don't resist - to be made whole again, you'll first need to be broken..." Tracing a path of romantic rebellion against the factory grind, Louise finds heroes in unlikely places: the restless middle-aged housewife alone in a bar at happy hour, the accountant who sprouts fur and howls at the moon, the love triangle aboard a freak-show caravan, the Mardi Gras courtship that ends in the gutter (literally). Cheering us on to thumb our noses at the machine, The Love Markets celebrate our fantasies and foibles with wit, exuberance and intoxicating soul - proving again that love and revolution can be found anywhere.

The Love Markets have been gracing and disgracing stages since 2009. Writer Angie Louise's wide range of emotional and musical inclinations finds ideal expression in the sounds of her "ruffle-clad ruffians": Robertson Witmer's shape-shifting accordion, the strut and croon of David Marriott Jr.'s trombone, Dave Pascal's dexterously juicy bass, Chris Monroe's sensuous drums, and Louise's own highly expressive vocals and adventurous keys.

"We are all on the market. We are all damaged goods.
Life is beautiful. The stakes are high.
The future is still ours."

Berlin, 1929: Churning factories, glittering clubs.
Decadence, cynically marketed; moral outrage, expertly manipulated. Fractured politics. Financial panic.
And through it all, artists who used their fledgling freedoms
to express new ideas of beauty, mock the powerful,
and shine a light on the machine of modern society:
frightening, fantastic, and gorgeously absurd.


"Irresistible... Sexy... Satirical... The band's
intoxicating theatricality sets whole audiences to dreaming
of running away with this deliciously dark carnival."
- Seattle Magazine

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"Ruffle-clad ruffians... Angie Louise is a singer,
songwriter and actress with fearsome chops...
Uber-belter vocals and commanding presence...
'Now that the record's wrapped, I get to go back
to writing songs,' says Louise. That's good news
for those of us who'd love to run away with
her circus again, ASAP." - City Arts Magazine

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"BEAUTY FACTORY is a sometimes rousing, sometimes
haunting collection... A perfect inside look at our
desires to remodel ourselves... Terrific... Some of
Louise's best lyrics ever... sung in [her] best throaty,
belting style... Louise and her bandmates are unique
among talents in Seattle." - Seattle Gay Scene

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"A sultry cabaret rhythm and a revolutionary's hankering
to bring down the system... [This] rambunctious redhead is
an engaging frontwoman indeed, and one of my most
endeared Seattle performers." - JetSpace Magazine

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"The Love Markets are a unique group of super-talents...
Angie Louise's musical compositions more than hold
their own with the big names." - TalkinBroadway

"Terrific tune(s)... Powerful." - The SunBreak

"Achtung!!" - Seattle Times