David Marriott Jr.

(Trombone wizard, tuba boy)

bourbon  Dislikes:  beer

Likes: good music  Dislikes:  not good music

Likes: playing music for a living
Dislikes:  soul-sucking office jobs

Likes: gummi candy  Dislikes:  chocolate

Childhood dream:  definitely not this outfit
Mortifying experience(s):  taking this picture

Guilty pleasure(s):  "Wonder Woman" episodes with Lynda Carter

Role model(s):   Stuart Dempster, Fletcher Henderson, Cougar Bob Marriott

Zodiac sign:    Sagitarrius

Best feature:   freckles? specks? knobby knees?

Worst feature:   the trombone usually hanging from my arms

Formative art: "The Banana Split Show",  "Mickey and The Beanstalk", "The Quintet at Massey Hall", Peter Max and Leroy Neimann

Recent discovery about yourself:   I'm not the worst looking person in drag in this band

What it means to you to be a Love Market:  Another opportunity to prostitute myself -- in more ways than one!